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True Friend

True Friend

Love in any form is a wonderful thing.  Why does a dog live only for a very short period of  time?  I don’t know this dog nor his owner, but saw him at a tractor show at Alta Vista, KS.  Actually I saw several dogs and their owners at this show.  I did manage a few shots of the tractors, but dogs and their owners fascinate me.  To own a dog and to really love the animal is promise of a truly broken heart.  I believe if they are treated fairly, in return they pay back a thousand fold.  Honestly I don’t understand how anybody could abuse one of these creatures and truly I don’t understand folks who do not have a pet.  I realize there are times you just can’t have one or maybe one has allergies, but in the good times I can’t imagine living without a pet.  A  dog such as this one can bring so much warmth and affection along with great comfort.  Maybe dogs are only meant for certain folks.  I for one need the love these creatures abundantly give.  I haven’t always been this way.  I’ve always been a dog owner but not necessarily a good one.  I feel bad for some of my prior pets I did not take as good of care of.  Some went without medical treatments, some were left outside too much, some were ignored quite a bit and others had to eat cheap food and weren’t given snacks.  All in all these earlier dogs taught me, each and everyone of them, in their own special way about life.  Maybe that is why they don’t live long for each has a simple lesson to teach their owner.  Over the course of a human life time there are many lessons to learn.  Better stop for now for I am rambling on and on…. Better go find Moppet and give him a pat on the head just because.

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