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Paxico Meatloaf Festival and Car Show 2011

Based on what little knowledge I have of the Meatloaf Festival, this Festival started as a meatloaf competition of the local folks at Paxico, Kansas several years back, and then just like their Blues Festival, took wings and flew. Paxico is an amazing little Kansas village of antique shops with merchants having a magic ability to draw the crowds.  Their number one draw is their unique Antique Shops. They also have a Farmer’s Market every Saturday during the summer. Mid-western living here in Kansas is so simple and enjoyable with such places as Paxico.

Inside one of the Antique Shops sat the judges of the meatloaf competition.  Actually all the judges had very serious faces when I entered, as they were tasting the many different meatloafs. The judges were given each a bottle of brewski, and when the pressure of the judging was finally lifted, great big smiles came upon their faces as they gave a toast on their final decision of the winning meatloaf.  I do not know the winner of this competition, however I featured “Georgia on my Mind” for it made for a good photo.

So you may ask yourself, “How does a meatloaf competition draw the crowds to such a small town?” The merchants must have asked the same question and came up with these fantastic ideas. First, of course, there must be a parade. Kansas History authors such as Greg Hoots and Cheryl Unruh came to help share knowledge of the Kansas people. There was a quilt show and children games. There was also a car and motorcycle show. My favorite was Geff Dawson Cowboy Poet and Singer. Not only does Geff have a fantastic voice, but his guitar playing is beautiful. Not sure if his guitar is an ovation or has nylon strings, but man does it have a quality tone about it. To top it off, the merchants of Paxico had a down to earth Western Shootout right in the middle of their street to the crowds amazement.

For the next few days, Anna and I will feature some of the photos we took of this event and finish it off with a video featuring a song performed by Geff Dawson. Also, while at the Meatloaf festival, Anna and I were fortunate to meet fellow photographer Dave Leiker and his wife Cheryl Unruh.

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