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Skiddy, Kansas and Memories

A week ago Anna, Moppet, and I went on a photo shoot and the proverbial throw of a dart directed us to a little Kansas town called Skiddy.  Many times we come across abandoned homes and barns, but a town; this truly was a surprise.  Skiddy a town which once was…

As we started posting a few photos we were surprised to receive emails from two sisters, Cynthia and Sylvie, whom had lived in Skiddy years ago.  They lived in a working farm not a mile from Skiddy.  Their parents purchased the farm on their wedding day in 1941.  This farm has 365 acres which can be seen in the photo with the Skiddy elevator (the first photo in this slide show) for all this land is theirs.  In an old house in one of Anna’s photos is where Dusty lived.  Dusty was a true cowboy.

“Dusty was born in the house and never left.  His widow, Dolly still owns the house.” Quote from sister’s email.

The sisters lived at Skiddy as young girls.  Both remember swimming and fishing at Maloney’s Pond. Now one sister lives in Montana and the other lives someplace other than Skiddy.

A real reward we experience from our photo shoots is when our photos bring memories to such as Cynthia and Sylvie. Homesickness, memories of home, thoughts of the way things were, have crossed all our minds from time to time. If what we, Anna and I, do as photographers/artists/writers can produce a stir of emotion, a tug of the heart string, a tear from a sweet thought, a smile from a warm and fuzzy memory, then we have done well. Anna and I are so fortunate to share the same passion of photography and we plan to continue to spread our wings and go with this as the Fates see fit.

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