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    Photography digital art, photography paintings, and photography abstract reflections in unique expressions 2008-2013.

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Abandoned Countryside House-Painted Pollock

An abandoned countryside house in Kansas digital painted in a Jackson Pollock style yet not so abstract as the subjectView full post »

Country Road Polaroid Transfer

With this springtime country road scene, I used detail stylization with Topaz and then a Polaroid Transfer effect withView full post »

Dam River Birds

The seagulls were sitting on the iced part of the river that flows through the dam at Tuttle Creek Dam, Kansas. After IView full post »


As a cold front approach and the temperature dropped in a gusty, sharp breeze, I walked in the quiet winter deadnessView full post »

Mock Kansas Old Railroad Town

This is a photographed section of a large, mock Kansas railroad town along with a running train display from the pioneerView full post »

Winter Honeysuckle and Berries

Photograph of honeysuckle vine and berries digitally painted with oil pastel on canvas texture.View full post »

Honeysuckle Vine and Snow

Photograph of honeysuckle vine and snow digitally painted with oil pastel on canvas texture.View full post »

Abstract Creek Leaves -Klimt

With this photograph of leaves in icy creek water, I painted in Klimt effect to give more of an abstract patterned lookView full post »

Great Blue Heron in Dawn Moon Freedom

This is a composite of three photographs of a Great Blue Heron, dawn sky, and moon that I had taken at different times.View full post »

Kitties Love Cuddle

Two of my kitties, Mighty Might and Casey, cuddling and napping together in a chair. Mighty Might (Tom Prairie Cat) is aView full post »

Winter River Park Bench

This is the Kansas River nearby a small town and easy to access the river in which is usually hard to do. I like to stopView full post »